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Antero Clearwater Facility

Antero Midstream, with its partner Veolia, owns and operates an industry-leading advanced wastewater treatment facility that provides an alternative and innovative solution to current disposal methods, creating environmental, economic and community benefits. Antero Midstream’s investment in advanced wastewater treatment furthers our ongoing commitment to sustainably managing water resources and reducing roadway impacts and greenhouse gas emissions. The Antero Clearwater facility and freshwater delivery closed loop system have combined to eliminate almost 1 million truck trips since 2014 alone and over 30,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Fast Facts

Over $300 Million Invested in Antero Clearwater Facility
Supports Approximately 25 Permanent Employees and 25 Supply Chain Services Jobs
Generates Significant State and Local Tax Revenues
41,000 Barrels Per Day of Fresh Water for Re-Use