Industry-Leading Initiatives for a Low-Carbon Future

We recognize the growing concern over climate change and are committed to proactively managing our business to reduce our GHG emissions intensity and limit the environmental impacts of our operations. As the lightest and least greenhouse gas (GHG) intensive hydrocarbon, natural gas is expected to play a fundamental role as both the U.S. and global economies transition to a lower carbon future. Natural gas and natural gas liquids are part of the solution.

Our Dedication to TCFD

(Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures)

We identify, evaluate and track our climate risks through our enterprise risk management program (ERM), dividing our climate risks into two overarching categories as defined by TCFD, physical and transition risks. With each identified risk, we consider mitigation plans to help improve our ability to manage them or reduce such risks to an acceptable level.

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Protecting Our Biodiversity

We are committed to integrating biodiversity and resource protection management through approaches of avoidance, minimization, restoration, and mitigation. Through the implementation of our protection approaches, we actively work towards reducing our ecological footprint.

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Water Resource Conservation

Antero Midstream maintains and operates one of the largest fresh water pipeline and impoundment networks in the country.

Through a strategic partnership, Antero Midstream provides a reliable source of water to all active Antero Resources locations with a focus on safety, recycling, and minimizing waste.

We strive to achieve excellence in pollution prevention and stormwater management during all construction and development phases.

Antero Midstream Water Management Process includes using freshwater, reused and recycled produced water to meet various the various supply and demands of water.

Vigilance in Spill Prevention

We prioritize the safety of our operations and the protection of the environment. In the event of an incident, our spill response program is designed to swiftly and effectively address any spills or accidents that may occur. We have established a vast network of qualified on-call spill response contractors, ensuring that we have the necessary expertise and resources readily available.

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Zero Waste Compromise

Our ultimate objective is to achieve Zero incidents, Zero harm, and Zero compromise. We actively seek opportunities to responsibly reduce, reuse, and recycle the waste generated throughout our operations. Our main spill prevention and response efforts focus on containment, management, tracking, and disposal.

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