Environmental, Social & Governance

ESG at Antero

At Antero Midstream, our employees are the core of our company and the people of Appalachia are at the heart of who we are. With our continued focus on health, safety, security and preservation of the environment, Antero will always prioritize our people and the communities where we operate. Our industry leading ESG performance exemplifies our unwavering commitment to do the right thing, take accountability for our actions and maintain our position as a world-class energy company, partner and employer of choice.

"From the start, Antero Midstream has focused on minimizing our operational and environment footprint in the communities where we work. This commitment led us to construct the largest water pipeline system in Appalachia, eliminating over 16 million miles of truck traffic from local roads last year."

Brendan Krueger, Chief Financial Officer

Setting Goals for Continued Improvement

While commitments must come first, we believe actions speak louder than intention. That’s why we included ESG metrics in our business strategy, set measurable goals to ensure accountability and tied executive compensation to these goals. Our ambitious goals were developed after conducting a thorough review of our operations and thoughtful discussions with our executive leadership team and the Board.

ESG Goals

  • Net Zero Scope 1 & Scope 2 carbon emissions by 2050
  • 100% reduction in pipeline maintenance emissions by 2025
  • Alignment with TCFD and SASB disclosure standards by 2025
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