Gathering and Processing

Critical First Link to LNG Supply: Gathering and Processing

Antero Midstream owns and operates the pipeline and processing infrastructure that transports and processes approximately 3 Bcfe per day of liquids-rich natural gas and NGLs to a marketable form. These clean and reliable hydrocarbons are then transported to various domestic and global markets via pipelines, Liquified Natural Gas (“LNG”) and Liquified Petroleum Gas (“LPG”) exports. We provide gathering and processing services to Antero Resources under long-term fixed-fee service agreements.

West Virginia

Delivering Energy that Makes a Difference

Antero Midstream plays a vital role in transporting and processing natural gas and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) for international markets. In 2021, over 21 million barrels of Antero propane and butane were shipped internationally.

LPG is a critical fuel source overseas, used for heating, cooking, and as a raw material for manufacturing. LPG is also used for transportation and electricity generation. At least one-third of Antero's LPG production is delivered to developing nations.

Our Integrated Midstream Services at a Glance


Miles of low- and high-pressure gathering pipelines


Bcf/d of compression capacity


Barrels per day of NGL fractionation capacity through MPLX joint venture


Bcf/d of processing capacity through MPLX Joint Venture

We are Innovators in Water Handling and Reuse

Our integrated closed-loop water handling system allows us to recycle and reuse flowback and produced water from Antero Resources wells.

Water Handling