Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Related Party Transactions

Related Party Transactions
6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2017
Related Party Transactions  
Related Party Transactions

(5)   Related Party Transactions


Certain of AMGP’s shareholders, including members of its executive management group, own a significant interest in AMGP and, either through their representatives or directly, serve as members of the Board of Directors for Antero Resources and the Boards of Directors for the general partners of Antero Midstream and AMGP.  These same groups or individuals own common shares in Antero Resources and limited partner interests Antero Midstream.  AMGP’s executive management group also manages the operations and business affairs of Antero Resources and Antero Midstream.

(a) Accounts receivable – related party


Accounts receivable at December 31, 2016 and June 30, 2017 includes general and administrative expenses of $0.2 million and $0.4 million respectively, paid by AMGP on behalf of Antero Investment.


(b) Accounts payable


Accounts payable at December 31, 2016 and June 30, 2017 includes $0.3 million payable to Antero Resources for general and administrative expenses.